Mercury, which converts to methylmercury when it rains down or washes into water, is a potent neurotoxin. The American Academy of Pediatricians, along with other scientific groups, has found through careful review of huge amounts of research that mercury disproportionately harms the developing lungs, heart and brains of fetuses, babies and young children.

Scientists have known about the dangers of mercury for decades. So have politicians. For twenty-one years, the EPA has been crafting -- and fighting about -- regulations to cut mercury emissions. All those years, they could have been saving lives. The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards that were released at the beginning of this year are critically important to protecting our children’s health. But the moment the ruling was released polluters, their lobbyists, and politicians began to fight them. Sen. Inhofe is leading the pack with a Congressional Review Act.

I believe that what is happening is immoral and unsafe. And as a mother, I won’t stand for things that endanger my child -- ALL our children -- a moment longer. That’s why I’ve joined a nonpartisan organization called Moms Clean Air Force. We are moms — and dads, too — from across the country fighting to get strong clean air regulations. Polluters have power and political influence. But we have hearts full of the strongest love that one can find...the love of a parent.

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Capshaw is the mother of a son, Luke, and daughter, Eve, and is expecting a third early this summer. Born in Columbia, Missouri, she graduated Brown University with a degree in English and studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. She is best known for her roles as Dr. Arizona Robbins on Grey’s Anatomy (from 2009) and as Jamie Stringer in The Practice. Since her first part as Patsy in The Locusts, Jessica has appeared in numerous films and television series, including Minority Report, Valentine and Bones. A passionate advocate of the environment and children’s health, Jessica is married to Christopher Gavigan, a bestselling author and former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, a nonprofit that empowers parents to protect children from harmful chemicals.