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Hold BP accountable for oil spill and recovery efforts (Rep. Joe Courtney)

Author Michael Kinsley once observed that “a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth.” The Republican Leader, Mr. Boehner, proved this point the other day when he was asked point blank whether he agrees with the Chamber of Commerce that the government should pitch in to pay for BP’s oil spill.


Tragedy in the Gulf is wake-up call for America (Rep. Shelley Berkley)

The horrific crisis and tragedy in the Gulf must be a wake-up call to America that we must break our addiction to fossil fuel and move with all deliberate haste to a renewable energy future or America simply will have no future.  Energy independence is an economic necessity.  We can create an entire economy based on green jobs.  It's not only an environmental necessity, look at the crisis that we have in the Gulf, with the loss of life, and the destruction of an ecosystem that will take a lifetime to fix.  It's a national security imperative.  We have to break from our reliance on the Saudis, Venezuelans and the B.P.'s of the world and harness the sun, wind, geothermal, biomass.  The state of Nevada can become the epicenter of renewable energy.  We just need the will to do it.  I yield back and ask my colleagues to please join me in a renewable energy future for this great country.


API comments on the President's speech

Last night, President Obama spoke eloquently about the challenges facing our country from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our thoughts and prayers, as an industry and as a nation, have been with our workers and their neighbors along the coast. But our focus has been to help BP and the government in their efforts to stop the spill, to clean up the oil, and--once the causes of the spill are known--prevent it from ever happening again.


Hold BP accountable for spilled oil (Rep. Chellie Pingree)

Last week I introduced introduced legislation to make sure BP pays royalties on all of the oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The Spilled Oil Royalty Collection Act, HR 5513, will ensure that BP pays royalties on every gallon of oil spilled without the administration having to determine whether BP was negligent or violating MMS regulations.  Royalties on oil drilled at offshore locations are paid to Minerals Management Services (MMS) in an effort to compensate taxpayers for the use of publicly owned resources. Under the current regulations, lease holders like BP are only obligated to pay royalties on gallons of oil sold.


Gulf crisis (Rep. Eric Cantor)

I am pleased that tonight, President Obama will finally speak directly to the American people about the crisis in the Gulf, who’ve been searching for hope and leadership for 57 days. People have watched as oil continues to spill into the Gulf and wonder why this crisis has not been fixed. They’ve been frustrated but patient, and they deserve accountability. Simply put, the American people want all of our resources, time and focus to be directed toward stopping the spill and cleaning up the mess. Period.


Hold BP accountable (Rep. Bruce Braley)

A week ago I was in Chalmette, Louisiana, for a field hearing on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. And we heard compelling testimony from people whose lives have been devastated, including two of the widows who lost their husbands on that explosion on the rig.


Hearing with oil executives underscores need for energy overhaul (Rep. G.K. Butterfield)

Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) serves as vice chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s Subcommittee on Energy and Environment. Below is his reaction following the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s hearing with oil executives:

The hearing brought the chief executive officers of ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Shell and BP to examine the issues of offshore drilling and plans for responding to spills.

While some may suggest that my home state of North Carolina is free from harm, the fact is that our shores may very suffer from this disaster. North Carolinians, like all Americans, are not only angry but also deeply concerned that our precious and irreplaceable coastal areas could be damaged.


Clean energy and oil spill response (Sen. Lamar Alexander)

Madam President, I thank the Senator from Florida for his comments. All of us are deeply concerned about his state, the coast, and those others on the gulf coast. I know he's working hard to see that the federal government makes the appropriate response. Madam President, tonight the President of the United States speaks to the nation from the oval office about the oil spill. The oil spill is in its 57th day.