I am frustrated by recent news reports of the White House bringing a lawsuit against the State of Arizona. I am opposed to this because I believe that it infringes on the power of the States. Inaction by the federal government forced Arizona to take action. The possibility that President Obama may grant amnesty through an Executive Order is also making waves and is very frustrating to me and my constituents, as well as many Americans.

Earlier this week I joined my colleagues in sending a letter to the president in opposition to amnesty because I believe it is not the answer. President Reagan made this mistake and I believe it would be an even bigger mistake now.

In Arkansas, our schools, our hospitals and our jobs are being compromised by the influx of illegal immigrants. Instead of rewarding breaking our laws we need to enforce them.

I have long been an advocate for serious immigration reform and increased security at our borders. During the 111th Congress, I signed onto legislation that supports a comprehensive immigration and national security bill. The “SAVE Act,” would increase border security through manpower and technology, expand worker verification programs and give law enforcement more tools to enforce immigration laws.  I am also a cosponsor of the “Loophole Elimination and Verification Enforcement (LEAVE) Act,” which provides additional resources for law enforcement and border patrol officers and removes incentives and loopholes encouraging illegal aliens to live and work in the United States.

Our country continues to struggle with out-of-control illegal immigration and the only way to manage the problem is to follow through with enforcement.