They have no electricity, little food and water, and they have to share close quarters with many other families, without any sanitation facilities or adequate care.

Doctors say she may walk again, but she needs help. She needs medical care, and she needs her strength.

How can a child like Shahad escape this nightmare?

Islamic Relief has been aiding the Syrian refugees by sending specialized teams to the field to assess the medical needs of Syrian children like Shahad. These groups of trained volunteers have provided critical care and supplies.

Thanks to donors from around the world, Shahad may have the chance to stand on her own, and chase after her dreams like other children.
Islamic Relief Worldwide workers found Shahad in the refugee camp, where her aunt told them that sometimes they receive food aid. However, her aunt said that they "sometimes do not eat for days."
The news coverage of Syria briefly mentions the overall issue, but rarely describes the personal stories of the refugees in suffering.
There are millions of these stories to tell.
We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to human tragedy of this magnitude.
The Obama administration has given generous amounts of aid to both the refugees on the border and the rebels fighting the Assad regime.

We call on international donors to make good on promises of donations in this crucial juncture of the war.

Millions are now in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria, including 2 million people who are displaced having fled their homes due to violence.
Prices are skyrocketing making it harder every week for average citizens to buy food.

Long-term solutions to improve the delivery of aid and an end to the conflict are the most important matters they face.

International Humanitarian Law requires the international community to provide humanitarian assistance wherever it is needed.

We urge all governments to uphold their humanitarian obligations by increasing aid and the capacity to respond.

We also urge the United Nations to assist civilians inside of Syria and to extend relief to refugees outside of the border camps.

Finally, we wish for Americans to join together by asking their representatives to act to provide assistance where needed.

Each one of these millions of statistics represents a person like Shahad and her aunt.

They deserve our help.

Ayoub is CEO of Islamic Relief USA.