To help make it easier for our intelligence community to monitor these diplomats and personnel, I joined Congressman Dan Boren yesterday to introduce our Limiting the Intrusive Miles of International Terrorist Sponsors Act (LIMITS Act).  Our bipartisan bill to limit personnel from state sponsors of terrorism to half a mile radius of the United Nations complex will level the playing field by providing one consistent standard.

We must not forget that in 2002, 2003, and 2004, personnel from the Iranian Mission to the United Nations were caught photographing and videotaping the New York City subway and other popular landmarks. Consequently, some of these individuals were expelled by the State Department for spying or "engaging in activities not consistent with their duties." Iran is not the only country designated as a state sponsor of terrorism that is engaged in intelligence collection - and other activities counter to our national and economic security - on U.S. soil.

Unless action is taken, history is bound to repeat itself.