Foreign Policy

Syria’s age-old question

Following the deaths of at least several hundred Syrian civilians in the Damascus suburbs on Wednesday, accusations of the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons reached an unprecedented crescendo that will force President Obama to reassess his Syria policy. In making this assessment he will be confronted with an age-old problem of warfare: determining the right action when the fog of war shrouds the facts on the ground.


President's policies are hurting Hispanics

It was only a few years ago that millions of Hispanics cheered for Barack Obama as he took the oath of office. Many welcomed a new president who promised to restore economic growth, telling them, “I will be your champion when I am in the White House.”


Border security is a misnomer

The current immigration reform bill passed by the Senate includes border security measures that would require the Department of Homeland Security to achieve a 90 percent control rate at all ports of entry into the United States. Only when this benchmark is met would the approximately eleven million undocumented immigrants be able to apply for legalization. In the age of globalization this expectation is unrealistic, as it suggests that the principles of globalization and historical forces can be overridden by legislation.


If House GOP can't do better, Obama must act on immigration

Today, the immigration debate continues to be counterproductive enough that, even after a $38 billion “border surge” of military-style security added to the Senate bill, legislation still faces an uphill battle. Many see an opportunity for the House GOP to lead on immigration. However, if the House cannot seize the opportunity, the president has once again a window to halt deportations and bring some order to an outdated immigration system.


Back In the USSR

Where is Russia heading? It’s the question many both inside and outside of the country are asking themselves, and the general consensus is ‘nowhere good’.


1988 Massacre in Iran - 25 years later

Can the U.S. make a deal with an Iranian regime that still marches on towards the development of nuclear weapons following the election of Hassan Rouhani President?


Nothing against the United States, until now

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will renounce his Canadian citizenship.

"I have nothing against Canada," insists Cruz. "But I’m an American by birth and as a U.S. senator; I believe I should be only an American."

That’s a perfectly logical, rational perspective.