Foreign Policy

Half a century under the whip (Rep. Alan Grayson)

I was two years old when President Eisenhower gave a stunningly precise prediction of our fate for the next 50 years. He said that for the first time in human history, America had created a permanent military-industrial complex that employed millions and spent billions. "More than the net income of all United States corporations," he noted.


China trade problems (Rep. Dave Camp)

Today, Congressman Camp delivered the following speach to the Ways and Means Committee

I believe there is a clear and unified message this Committee and this Congress would like to send to China, and it is this: China is not acting in good faith and is aggressively engaged in a series of troubling and downright protectionist policies that put our economic relationship at risk. Unless China immediately begins to eliminate trade barriers and end its policies of economic nationalism by opening its market to American-made goods and services, it could spur a breakdown in our relationship that will wreak havoc on both our countries and the global economy.


Supporting Israel's right to self-defense (Rep. Todd Tiahrt)

Just like the United States, Israel has the right to defend itself at any time against terrorist threats. Even more so, they have a right to be pro-active in avoiding such an attack using legal blockades to prevent weapons from reaching Gaza and into the hands of terrorists.


The day of Russia

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Russia as you celebrate the Day of Russia on June 12. This is an occasion to honor your rich history and culture. It is also an opportunity to mark the progress we have made together.


Rubio: U.S. support for Israel must not waver

On June 10, 2010, Rubio delivered these prepared remarks to the Florida regional chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition:

Today, our nation faces economic and security threats as great as any it has ever confronted.

Over the last sixteen-and-a-half months our current administration has placed our country on a dangerous and unsustainable economic path.


Realistic optimism on Afghanistan (Rep. Larry Kissell)

Last week, we celebrated Memorial Day by remembering the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. We also paid our respects to the veterans, past and present, who accepted the challenges of military service both at home and abroad.