Obamacare, still in its infancy, is causing quite a ruckus.  

Can people still keep their existing plans?  Will premiums rise?  Will the exchanges be ready?  When will the website be fixed?  Are people going to sign up?  And all the fervent chatter from all the talking heads, pundits, opponents, and media types.  One thing's for certain…  its NOT going anywhere.  It has come through the charred remains of 41 votes taken in an effort to strike it down, a derailed attempt to defund, as well as a thumbs up vote from the conservative Supreme Court of the land.  ACA (AKA Obamacare) is an imperfect attempt at providing healthcare to all US citizens, a noble idea whose time has come.  At least for contemplation.

On the face of it who can argue against quality healthcare for all?  The biggest argument against seems to be perceived costs down the road.  That insurance premiums will significantly increase for the masses, and that costs for states and federal government will rise.  It may or may not be so.  But since we are here, should we not make the best of it?  Shouldn’t we spend the time we have, all of us, figuring how to make the best of it; and how do we minimize costs and also Increase efficiencies in our healthcare system?

These are the questions we should be working to answer.  We should be testing maximum performance capabilities of the healthcare system that is the law of the land, and probe and hypothesize about how to make things better.  Always pushing toward excellence for ALL, beginning with Americans.  Surely, if we give it a chance, a decent chance, proponents won't object to change if it means improvements.  Opposition is not totally based upon real concern of the system, and surely we have too many who take this chance for self-glory and remuneration.

There is a great deal to concern ourselves with about the so called Obamacare system, but we are way past the point of trying to stuff the genie back into the bottle.  It’s here.  Let’s get behind it, for the citizens.  As I think about how much drag this law has endured, it reminds me of a quote I once heard, "it is hard to make a man understand something, when his paycheck depends upon him not understanding it."  I think that about sizes it up for the extreme conservative posture on the matter.  

Hollis is CEO/President of Trinity Protection Services and an entrepreneur and small business owner.