A Supreme Court decision upholding the individual mandate portion of the law will almost certainly place Americans far down the “road to serfdom” that economist Friedrich Hayek warned of in 1944. Hayek wrote that the road to serfdom begins when a government assumes central economic planning and ultimately requires controls on every aspect of political and social life. These controls have already been mentioned in the halls of government in the form of soft drink taxes, fast food controls and new sugar regulations and taxes.

And as Hayek predicted, the government’s need for control won’t be limited to the food we eat. Recent rulings by ObamaCare has already begun exercising control over matters of faith, dictating the scope of insurance coverage that must be offered within religious institutions even if the institution finds that the coverage violates essential tenants of church and individual faith. Never before has the U.S. government attempted to interfere with churches to this extent and the ease at which it has been undertaken should alarm everyone. It would appear that a belief in the richness of diversity doesn’t include a diversity of faith, religious freedom and moral choices.
The most frightening element of the law is the power it gives the unelected bureaucrats to compel Americans to purchase health insurance and then punish them if they don’t. Does anyone honestly believe it will stop with health insurance? It is not an abstract question. The power will not be contained within the limits of health care. Imagine how this president or any future president will want to direct American’s spending in pursuit of political power or electoral victory. It is quite clear that when ObamaCare is fully implemented in 2014, Orwell’s Big Brother will arrive -- only 30 years late.
We also recently learned that the Congressional Budget Office has re-scored the cost of ObamaCare and determined that its actual cost is double the original projection. No one was surprised. We are certain it will double again and again as politics forces more free health care benefits to win votes and exercise more control. And the dramatic growth of spending is not just limited to Washington. ObamaCare imposes extraordinary financial requirements on state governments that will almost certainly bankruptcy many. It is a law without boundaries and limits.   
The millions of Tea Party Patriots across this nation don’t believe that our current health care system is healthy. Far from it. But, ObamaCare is not an improvement, especially when it transforms citizens into serfs and our national government into an imperial lord and master.
Once again, Tea Party Patriots will rally in Washington. Our voices have echoed in the halls of Congress and now, hopefully, they will echo in the Chamber of the Supreme Court.  While it is important that this court listen to the attorneys who will present this case, we also ask them to listen to our voices -- the voices of people who want to retain their personal rights, their citizenship and their faith in American freedom.
Martin is co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest tea party organization. They will be holding a Road to Repeal Rally on Saturday in Washington, D.C. to protest the healthcare bill. Visit them at http://roadtorepeal.com/.