The Joint Committee on Taxation recently released their report on the tax provisions associated with ObamaCare. After comparing the Obama administration’s 2012 original estimate to the actual numbers, they found that the 21 tax increases included in ObamaCare total $1.058 trillion – that’s double the amount in their initial estimate. As the Obama administration scrambles to make excuses for their false reports, Americans business owners are bearing the weight of their mistakes. 

We are well past the point of speculation when it comes to ObamaCare - the what-ifs and projected damages associated with this legislation have turned into real consequences that are hurting real people. I have business owners in my district in Georgia telling me verbatim that the government has made it virtually impossible to run a business in this country. Unable to sustain their companies in the U.S., these businesses tell me their only option is to take their companies abroad. It is critical that we pass legislation that fosters growth in America, instead of forces it abroad.

Additionally, I plan on casting my vote against the continuing resolution that will contain provisions to fund ObamaCare for the remainder of the year. I am whole-heartedly committed to defunding this atrocity in favor of true patient-centered health care reform. It is crucial that we focus on replacing it with something like my Patient Option Act, which puts the power back in the hands of the patient by allowing them to choose the plan that best suits their needs. My legislation changes Medicare to a more flexible premium assistance program and expands choice and competition by allowing consumers to shop for health insurance across state lines. At its core, the Option Act provides the foundation for us to grow our nation’s healthcare system without expanding the role of the federal government.

As a physician member of Congress, I should be working with my colleagues on both side of the isle looking for ways to improve our nation’s healthcare system. Instead, all of my time is monopolized by defending our healthcare from the constant barrage of attacks generated by ObamaCare. As I continue this battle, I ask your support in making sure that the repeal of ObamaCare is the top priority of those elected to serve our nation.

Broun serves on the House Homeland Security, Naturaul Resources and Science, Space and Technology committees.