So much for the President Obama’s promise, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.”

Millions of seniors take advantage of the Medicare program in this country today and most are very happy with their coverage.  However, under the Pelosi bill, seniors may be forced out of Medicare or incur higher costs and premiums.  And all of this to pay for a trillion dollar federal government takeover of our health care system that a majority of Americans do not support.  Is this really the way we should be treating our senior citizens? 

Reforms within our health care system are needed, but we should be focused on the areas that need the most attention: decreasing costs and increasing accessibility for rural Americans.  I will continue to fight against any health care legislation that includes the so-called “public option,” which really means higher taxes, a decrease in the standard of care, cuts to Medicare, and bureaucrats in Washington coming between doctors and patients.

Cross-posted from Frankly Speaking.