Regulators shouldn't undermine preferred pharmacies

Medicare Part D is the rare program that is affordable for both consumers and the federal government. Preferred pharmacy networks, which reduce costs, are a key contributor to the program’s overall success as these networks sift out drugstores that demand higher rates than nearby competitors.


Doing what’s BEST for the troops

Having grown up in a military family and served as an Army physician in Iraq, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of our service members’ safety, both on and off the battlefield. Thanks to recent advancements at the Department of Defense and in Congress, we now have the potential to bring the medical training of our troops into the 21st century and save more lives—improvements that have been a long time coming.


Lawmaker exposes pharmacy benefits abuses

On Friday (Nov. 15), the House Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing on the state of antitrust enforcement, where committee members raised concerns about the controversial 2012 merger of Express Scripts Inc. and Medco, which created the country’s largest pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).


Changing Obamacare is change we can all believe in

In July, after dozens of reports of employers cutting jobs and hours, the Obama administration announced it would delay the Affordable Care Act employer mandate.

Last week, after hundreds of news stories about the president’s broken promise to allow Americans to keep their current insurance, the administration announced it would allow a change that would delay insurance cancellations for one year.


Coming soon: IDs to track medical devices

Congressional hearings on health care can be contentious, but the story will be different today (November 19), when the bipartisan House Medical Technology Caucus convenes a forum with representatives from FDA, manufacturers, and hospitals to discuss how new tracking codes for medical devices can enhance recalls and assessments of heart stents, glucose monitors, and other products patients need.


Let people keep their coverage

Millions of Americans are opening the mail to find their health insurance plan would no longer exist in 2014 because it does not cover all the essential benefits required by the Affordable Care Act.