Some FDA regulation needed to keep medical testing safe

The new world of biomedical science and advances in genetic and molecular testing is bright with promise for patients.  These new tests will improve healthcare by allowing doctors to detect, diagnosis and treat many chronic diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, earlier when they are easier to treat.

As healthcare grows more reliant on more complex and effective treatments, primary care physicians and specialists will increasingly rely upon the pathologist’s ability to conduct and analyze genetic and molecular tests.


Confronting prescription drug abuse together (Gov. Jack A. Markell)

Anti-drug policy is often made in Washington but implemented on the front lines in our states, cities, suburbs and farms. To combat the growing damage done by illegal prescription drug use, we are turning to new technologies and working more closely together with a wide range of stakeholders.

Last week, Delaware was honored to host the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), R. Gil Kerkikowske, to mark another step on the difficult road to curbing prescription drug addiction. We are also proud of the work that Delaware Sen. Tom Carper has done on this issue in Washington. It’s always encouraging to see state and the federal government working together, particularly when the issue is deadly serious.


Obamacare: Lies, d*mn lies & statistics (Rep. James Sensenbrenner)

President Obama knows lies, d*mn lies and statistics well.

As reports are coming out that Pennsylvania is receiving $160 million from the Department of Health and Human Services to set up a new high-risk insurance pool program that will fund abortions, we are seeing, yet again, that the Obama Administration will say and do anything to pass their liberal agenda — ignoring public opinion along the way…


Obama's executive order on taxpayer-funded abortions: Not worth the paper it was secretly written on (Rep. Phil Roe)

In his own words, President Obama pledged that under his healthcare plan “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.” This was all part of an 11th-hour deal to round up enough votes to get the bill passed. The last-minute deal was a promise that after the healthcare bill passed, Obama would sign an executive order affirming that it would not result in any government funding for abortions. A couple of days later, the president went behind closed doors (no press allowed) and signed this document which was called meaningless by the pro-life community.


Tax on indoor tanning signals consumers about its dangers

It’s been two weeks since the indoor tanning tax went into effect and, whatever your position on tax policy may be, we in the dermatologic medical community see this as an important message to Americans, especially young people, that tanning is dangerous.

Arguments against the tax omit a reality — tanning can dramatically increase the risk of getting skin cancer, including melanoma.


Mental health and Timothy's Law (Rep. Paul Tonko)

One of the things I enjoy about being an elected official is that I often have the privilege of throwing out the first pitch at local Little League baseball game season openers. I have done this many times, both as a Congressman and a state Assemblyman, in towns throughout my district in Upstate New York. In Schenectady, I met one Little Leaguer named Timothy O’Clair.


Health reform will help reduce the number of abortions

Healthcare reform represents a historic victory for millions of Americans previously denied access to quality and affordable medical care. Among the law’s many benefits for vulnerable families are funds just announced by the Obama administration that will help low-income pregnant women. This overlooked but significant achievement has established common ground between pro-life and pro-choice leaders who agree on a common goal: reducing the number of abortions by addressing its root causes.


Suntan tax: Bad policy, bad politics

As a part of the last-minute behind-the-scenes dealmaking to pass healthcare reform and to garner favor from a couple of special-interest groups, the Democratic leadership in the Senate replaced the "Botax," a 5 percent tax on elective cosmetic surgical procedures, with the "suntan tax," a 10 percent tax on a suntan.


Americans deserve to hear Berwick’s plans for massive Medicare cuts (Sen. Mitch McConnell)

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor Monday regarding the recess appointment of Dr. Donald Berwick:

Ordinarily, senators come to the floor to talk about the things that happen in Washington while we’re here. Today I’d like to talk about something that happened last week while we weren’t here. I’m referring, of course, to the president’s outrageous decision to take advantage of Congress’s absence last week to sneak Donald Berwick in as the new head of Medicare and Medicaid.


Poor diet in nation's public schools affects students' performance

As parents and children prepare for next fall, there may be many questions on their mind. These include "How large will my child's class be? How many extracurricular activities does the school offer? How safe is the school environment?"

While these topics are very important, there is one critical question that often gets overlooked: "What is the school doing to encourage students to be healthy through good nutrition and physical exercise?"