Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce (R), a former sheriff’s deputy, authored Senate Bill 1070. An illegal immigrant mortally wounded Pearce’s son in his capacity as a sheriff’s deputy. If anyone has “walked a mile in the shoes” of an Arizonan, he has. The lawman, attorney, turned lawmaker knows how to dot his “i”s and cross his “t”s. He knew the law would be challenged, so he was meticulous in drafting a law that would protect Arizonans and withstand scrutiny.

The law allows for local enforcement of federal immigration law and allows local law enforcement to end the cat-and-mouse game that exists now. Imagine the position of the Phoenix cop who arrests an illegal and hands him over to the feds, who simply release the scofflaw back on the streets with a desire to retaliate against the arresting officer. Phoenix is now the kidnapping capital of the United States as gangs of illegal immigrants ply their trade primarily against legal immigrants because they are the ones with the money. It is no wonder that Arizonans want this law.

It is axiomatic that a lie told often enough becomes reality. There is no greater modern example of this than the call for “comprehensive immigration reform” to fix a “broken” system. The only thing broken is our border security. Democrats are resisting border security in order to use it as leverage in their demand for a “path to citizenship” for illegals. This is roughly the same policy of the Bush administration. Both parties are competing for the long-term political strategy of owning the Latino vote in future elections. So Arizona called the bluff, exposed the lie and shamed the federal government for making a state do its job.

Meanwhile, back at Democratic campaign headquarters, pollsters were delivering the bad news that the independent voters who supported Obama in 2008 were not voting Democratic in 2010. The hard left policies, including growing national deficits and the healthcare takeover that lead to the election of Sen. Scott Brown (R) in Massachusetts, were to blame. Worse for Democrats was the reality that the hard left was disappointed that Obama had not done enough and were planning on sitting this election out. With no way to win on the issues, Democrats would need some way to energize their base. So in 2010, they began playing the race card as hard as they could. In a very rare move, the president of the United States rushed out to tell the world that he had a racist state that had gone rogue and needed to be punished. Adding to the narrative, Democratic congressional leaders invited a foreign leader to excoriate millions of Americans from the floor of Congress. Like so many beaten dogs, the hapless Republicans sat still and took it.

While assailing white voters in Arizona, the Obama administration got caught in an Orwellian scenario that makes it appear the policy of this Chicago machine administration is that some people really are “more equal” than others. Attorney General Holder has now been caught dismissing charges against a group calling themselves the “New Black Panthers” who were caught on tape flagrantly violating the civil rights of white voters. The brazen criminals were evidently so confident of their exculpation that they never bothered to show up in court. The career prosecutors won a slam-dunk, default judgment in court, only to have the political appointees at the Department of “Injustice” drop the charges after the fact. The incensed former civil servant, Christian Adams, testified that “We abetted wrongdoing and abandoned law-abiding citizens.” It seems black-on-white crimes are no longer crimes. Now video has come out that ups the ante big time. Maurice Heath, the New Black Panther Party's Philadelphia leader, is on tape calling for the murder of white “cracker” babies. That this is the ilk that is not bad enough to stop Holder from turning him loose is almost funny.

Like Alice in the rabbit hole, nothing this “post-racial” president does seems to make sense. Under Obama’s DOJ, the feds do not enforce immigration laws but sue anyone who does. The feds do not enforce the Voting Rights Act for whites but abet the crimes against them. So we are left just as Alice mused, “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”

St. Louis Tea Party leader Gina Loudon organized Buycott Arizona, a campaign in support of Arizona's immigration law S.B. 1070.