Thousands of Americans will descend on the nation’s capital today (Thursday, June 19) to fight for something that many in the elite and the media say is already lost – marriage as the union of one man and one woman. But marriage is not lost, no corners have been turned, and nothing about our traditional marriage laws is either unfair or unconstitutional. In fact, those laws provide a great public good and should be encouraged, not abandoned.

Those who triumphantly declare marriage to be lost cite the streak of a dozen judicial decisions from the federal courts invalidating state traditional marriage laws and voter-approved constitutional amendments. They cite a string of polls that purport to suggest the American people have “turned a corner” on same-sex marriage, and point to a media/entertainment culture where messages in favor of “gay marriage” are ubiquitous.

We march to demonstrate that marriage is worth preserving and celebrate its contribution to human flourishing and to its centrality in family formation. We march to highlight the importance of marriage, not only to the men and women involved, but to any children born of their union and to society as a whole.

Every child ever born was born to a mother and a father. It’s their inherent human right as children to experience the love of both a mother and a father. Though circumstances beyond their control sometimes result in a child being separated from one or both parents, our goal as a society should be to promote intact families where children do experience the love of both a mom and a dad. Research confirms basic common sense in showing that children raised in intact families do better on almost any measurement of outcome than children raised in any other family structure.

We march to give face to the reality that the majority of Americans believe that marriage is only the union of one man and one woman. This is what 60% of voters told us in a nationwide survey conducted on Election Day in 2012. And it’s what over 50 million people have said with their votes in support of marriage in 31 states.

We march to encourage the silent majority, to show them they are not alone. Polls that indicate public opinion on marriage may be shifting with increasing “support” for redefining marriage are more likely an indication that people are tired of the attacks involved in publicly expressing one’s beliefs.

We march to express our objection to the attempt of the intolerant to shut down debate about this issue. Phil Robertson, Brendan Eich, bakers, florists, photographers, innkeepers, printers and countless others have been harassed and punished simply for expressing support for marriage.

We march to say “enough is enough” to the media/entertainment echo chamber that ceaselessly pushes the redefinition of marriage.

We march because we remain optimistic that, despite the rulings of activist federal judges, the US Supreme Court will within the next year uphold the right of states to decide that the law regarding marriage should reflect what it is in reality –the union of one man and one woman. Although the language in the majority opinion in Windsor v. United States has since been twisted and misapplied by federal judges in marriage cases across the country, the entire basis of the Windsor decision was to defer to the historic right of states to define marriage.

We march because the Windsor decision was not the Roe v. Wade of marriage. We march with the hope of preventing such a Roe-type ruling, encouraged by the fact that, had the Supreme Court been determined to force same-sex “marriage” on the country, they could have begun to do so in the Utah case. Instead, they put the redefinition of marriage in Utah on hold, and it remains on hold in virtually every other state where federal judges have ruled.

We will march to remind the US Supreme Court, our nation’s political leadership, the cultural and media elite, that millions of Americans will never accept as legitimate a ruling that attempts to redefine our most important societal institution. Government did not create marriage, and therefore lacks the power to redefine it. Should the US Supreme Court attempt to make marriage genderless and strip the American people of their sovereign right to decide this issue for themselves, they will undermine the integrity of the Court itself, and ignite a decades-long culture war just as they did by imposing abortion on the nation in Roe. We invite the American people to join us at

Brown is president of the National Organization for Marriage.