There is no police brutality
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After the San Bernardino terrorist attack, we know where brutality lies.

Reckless cries from the left that we are facing a systemic crisis of so-called “police brutality” should have been put to rest by thinking Americans long ago. After the exemplary actions of the police most recently in San Bernardino, the nation has no excuse to go along with this imagined problem anymore.

The brutal truth is, there is no police brutality in America.

There is, however, a truth problem. It starts with political insiders deciding to take aim at our police forces to distract from the abysmal failure of liberal policies to fix the horror of life in our inner-city black communities.

Progressives can’t let the public see the truth of how they have failed to fix poverty, to fix families, to fix schooling, or to fix health. They’ve taken your tax dollars but they have nothing to show but broken homes and broken communities. They’ve promised that government can fix everything, but it hasn’t.

What we have on our hands is a classic cover-up.

You see, Democrats and the media scour the country for reprehensible but rare times police act in the wrong. It happens, there’s no excuse, and the victims have every right to seek remedy through our justice system and to air their grievances in the public forum our Constitution affords them. I sympathize with them and I take the burden of these rare events on my own shoulders.

But the term “police brutality” is a lie.  These isolated, terrible incidents that I work every day to ensure never happen are something quite different. The correct term is “savage physical violence.”

Savage physical violence describes the unreasonable use of force against everyday citizens. It’s wrong, it’s unlawful, and it’s unacceptable. It’s also rare, and while deplorable, it is not systemic in nature in the way that the left would like to scare Americans, particularly in the inner cities, into thinking.

As sheriff in Milwaukee County I have seen incredibly few cases of “savage physical violence” occur by our force. When and if they do occur, however, they are dealt with immediately. I do not ever justify the unreasonable use of force.

Words matter, and that’s why I’d like to discuss that other term, “brutality,” that professional organizers throw at the police.

Brutality exists in America, but it’s in the Planned Parenthood videos where blameless babies are dismembered, their tiny limbs and organs hawked by smirking, self-righteous abortionists. We’ve imported brutality, too: the brutality of the creed of ISIS and its adherents who massacred the innocent in California last week.

It was the policemen and women who put aside their own bodily harm to come to the rescue of the innocent citizens targeted in the Islamic terrorist event in California who you malign when you continue to use the term “Police Brutality” where none exists.

It is the failed policies of the left you cover up when you continue to use the term “Police Brutality” when it’s their policies of dependency and manipulation that are to blame.

Let’s make sure that savage physical violence never occurs within our police ranks. It never should, and it certainly should not cloud the reputation of the fine men and women who are ready to rescue you at a moment’s notice. But let’s also not condemn an entire nation of men and women who serve everyday with a term that best describes the true evils facing our nation.

We’ve seen far too much brutality in America in 2015, but it’s not where the media—or President Obama—would have us believe.

Clarke has been the sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin since 2002.