When I headed the Navy antiterrorism unit that was created in response to the attacks of Sept. 11, it was my mission to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to justice. I am pleased to see that he and his cohorts will now face proper justice in a federal court ("N.Y. trial ordered for 9/11 detainees," Saturday).
I have no greater concern than the national security of the United States. But the men and women I served alongside in the U.S. military weren't fighting just to protect our country; we were fighting for our ideals and values. We understood that our principles are the source of our strength as a nation, not some luxury for gentler times.
The last thing we should ever do is allow these terrorists to cause us to compromise our rule of law. That's why I don't think anything will send a stronger signal of America's strength and resilience than to bring these men to New York to account for their crimes in the most highly regarded justice system in the world. We're not going to do it their way, outside the rule of law. We're going to do it our way. Because we're stronger than they are. We're better.