The Internet is an important job-finding tool, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) should enable veterans to easily search for an extensive list of jobs in their area.  In recognition of this, I offered 3685, the VET JOBS Act. I am pleased that the House VA Committee approved this bill, and I look forward to its consideration on the House floor.

The bill would require the VA to add a drop-down menu titled “Veterans Employment” on its hompage.  The drop-down menu would have links to VetSuccess, USA Jobs, Job Central, and other appropriate employment websites.  It also would require the VA Secretary to advertise and promote the VetSuccess website and require direct outreach to those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unemployment is at a record high today and unemployment in our veteran community is higher than at any time that I can remember. Among my goals is instilling a commitment to customer service and usability at the VA in helping veterans find employment. I went on the VA homepage and found ‘Federal Jobs for Veterans,’ but private sector jobs are not listed.   For those private jobs, you have to go to another menu and navigate 28 possible links on the VA website.  In addition, when I entered my zip code I got a list of 64 jobs in my area.  However, I found 237 jobs listed on  VetSuccess must be more like and other sites in providing quick and simple access to employment opportunities for our veterans in a specific area.