There is no federal interest in restricting the rights of the citizens within the District beyond those enjoyed by the residents of the states. This is particularly true in the case of using locally raised funds for legally permissible health care for women residing in DC.

Additionally, forcing the District to fund private religious schools is another example of federal intrusion into a local matter without a clear federal purpose. I fail to see how requiring the District to fund Catholic Schools, Muslim Madrasahs or other religious schools, albeit with taxes raised throughout the country including DC, is a federal concern.

These issues are local concerns and should be subject to local decision making by the elected representatives of those who are paying the bills. I chose to be arrested rather than quietly accept the deal where our rights were bargained away to the leader of the House of Representatives where I have no representation other than a non-voting delegate.

Tommy Wells is a  D.C. Councilmember for Ward 6.