The Tea Party Caucus is designed to give these frustrated Americans a voice in Washington, D.C. This morning, I participated in the first official meeting of the House Tea Party Caucus. Individuals from across the nation met with 24 members of the Caucus to voice their concerns and offer ideas. For too long, the American people have been removed from the process of governing this nation. Our Caucus understands that we represent the American people, and these individuals have demanded Washington implement fiscal restraint, shrink the size of the federal government, and preserve our nation’s free-market system. 

The Tea Party is a bottom-up movement. Grassroots organizations, such as the Tea Party Patriots, 9/12 Organization, Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity and many more, are an expression of the most powerful political force in this nation: “We the People." It is “We the People” who retain the ultimate power to change the government – not the president or any other elected official. The Tea Party Caucus will empower Americans who are fed up because their priorities are being ignored. Our Caucus will serve as an avenue for them to meet with several members of Congress at once to directly express their concerns.

However, the Tea Party Caucus is just one way that Republicans are engaging the American people who sent us to Washington to represent their interests. In recent weeks, my colleagues and I have hosted numerous town halls designed to gather ideas from the American people to craft a new agenda for America. In addition, we launched and YouCut, two programs designed to bring the halls of Congress into American homes.  

It is evident that there is a great divide between the policies the leadership in Washington pursues and the priorities and principles of the American people. I am proud to join my colleagues in the Tea Party Caucus to ensure Washington starts listening to “We the People,” who are demanding fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, and a limited federal government. The Caucus will make certain the Tea Party can no longer be ignored.