Bernie Quigley, Pundits Blog contributor, said:

Glenn Beck is prelude. The Tea Party has morphed into a new political sensibility. Sarah Palin will be the star of this show.

Peter Navarro, professor of economics and public policy at U.C. Irvine, said:

Political fallout unlikely — although global warming might get worse from all the hot air. One wonders why anyone would have any interest in listening to either of these blowhards. This is theater, not discourse.

Justin Raimondo, editorial director of, said:

Glenn Beck is an entertainer: his "rally" will have the same political impact as, say, a Barbara Streisand concert.

Al Sharpton is a provocateur, and he may, perhaps, provoke a confrontation at the Beck event: this will give MSNBC some visuals to "prove" their narrative that there's a mass "racist" movement in this country.

A pox on both their houses.