The message that voters throughout Nevada and all across the nation sent to Washington is that they want Democrats, Republicans and Independents to work together to find the common ground needed for real solutions and real progress. I will keep fighting to make sure that big banks, big oil, those who want to privatize Social Security and other powerful special interests are prevented from taking advantage of middle-class families and small businesses. And I also welcome every opportunity to work with our Republican colleagues as we know the challenges that lie ahead of us know no political affiliation.

While this could be considered a tough election for some who were on the ballot this year it is nothing compared to the fight that Nevada families are facing to stay in their homes, workers are facing to find good jobs and keep them, and small businesses are facing to keep their doors open and remain competitive.

The time for politics is now over. And now that Republicans have more members in both houses of Congress, they must take their responsibility to present bipartisan solutions more seriously. Simply saying 'no' will do nothing to create more jobs, support our middle-class and strengthen our economy. We must spare no effort to get back to work immediately in order to restore the American Dream for the millions of Nevadans and all Americans.