As a former small business owner and someone who knows what it is like to sign the front of a paycheck rather than the back, the Democrats’ tax hike would force job creators to cut back or eliminate employee benefits, switch full-time jobs to part-time, and replace end of the year raises and bonuses with pay cuts, layoffs, or relocating to countries with lower tax and regulatory burdens.

These are serious decisions that face our job creators as a direct result of the failure to prevent massive tax hikes. 

At a time when our economy is struggling to recover, why would we raise taxes on anyone who could create a job?  Why would we, even partially, want to impede our nation’s path to economic recovery?

On Tuesday, November 30th President Obama hosted a summit at the White House where Members of Congress were asked to work in a bipartisan fashion to devise a solution for the pending tax hikes.

Unfortunately, House Democratic leaders chose to ignore his call for bipartisanship.  Instead, Speaker Pelosi put a bill on the House floor that would in effect continue the hiring freeze for many small business owners. 

If Washington is willing to prevent across-the-board tax hikes from taking place, then we will have a productive lame duck. 

The Senate has already declared this bill to be dead on arrival.  So, the House’s vote served nothing but a rhetorical purpose.  Is that not the kind of petty politics that voters rejected on November 2nd?

In addition to the massive tax hikes on the near horizon, the alternative minimum tax (AMT) also poses a significant danger if Congress fails to act.  If the Speaker does not bring legislation to the House floor to provide AMT relief, 27 million more Americans, most with incomes under $100,000, will fall victim to the AMT when filing their 2010 than in 2009.  That is 27 million Americans paying $70 billion in additional taxes with money that could instead be put into our economy. 

Thirty House Democrats sent a letter to Democratic leadership over two months ago warning their colleagues and highlighting that economists agree that any tax increases right now would negatively impact economic growth.  Yet, Speaker Pelosi still refuses to listen.

As a result, private sector money that could be invested in job creation is sitting on the sidelines waiting for Congress to make up its mind.  And, small businesses are playing defense against an overreaching federal government that is impeding our economic recovery, rather than fostering the kind of predictability in our economy that is necessary for investment and job creation.

This comes down to a choice between fostering job creation and generating more revenue for the federal government to spend.  So, just as I asked on the floor of the House during the tax debate—What Would Job Creators Do?  As we approach the end of this lame duck session, the Democratic leadership remains unwilling to stop all the tax increases.  Should they fail to act, the new Republican majority will implement full extension of all of the current tax rates in January, just as we pledged to America