As a House Appropriator and member of the Budget Committee, I believe, like the President does, that reducing our national debt and the size of our deficit is crucial to our national and economic security. The key to achieving a balanced budget and reducing our deficit is the development of a high growth economy. This will only happen when we are honest about what works and what does not. If we are serious about cutting the deficit, let’s cut a bloated defense budget. Let's fully implement a health care law that will reduce the deficit by over a trillion dollars while getting health care to 35 million of America’s uninsured. Let's finally tell the truth about the costs of providing the wealthiest 2% with billions of dollars of additional tax cuts. We cannot fix our deficit by cutting discretionary programs needed to promote our economy and provide for our citizens. We cannot afford an endless war in Afghanistan. We must make critical investments in our nation’s economic future: our small businesses and entrepreneurs, our children, our students, our future workers.

Rep. Michael Honda (D-Calif.) represents California's 15th Congressional district, which encompasses Silicon Valley.