We have a great history. Now looking to the future, it has become increasingly apparent that America must choose between two paths. On one course, America will continue to be a nation organized around the principles of free enterprise: limited government, individual freedom, and rewards determined by one’s determination and hard work. On the other path, America will move toward a government-managed economy, expanding bureaucracies, more government regulations, and perpetual bailouts at the expense of the taxpayer.

I personally believe it is the duty of Congress and the President to abide by the Constitution and stand by our guiding principles established by our Founding Fathers.

The administration and Democrats obviously see it differently. They have used the recession as a pretext to move us toward the second path, introducing breathtaking expansions of government intervention and control.

In need of true health care reform, the President’s health care law is leading us down the path of government takeover of the system, jeopardizing patient access and care.

Since failing to pass their flawed cap-and-trade legislation, the administration has been using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as backdoor to implement new harmful regulations and energy taxes. These burdensome regulations will ultimately kill jobs, stop economic growth and raise the cost of energy, food and transportation.

It is evident that some in Washington have decided to promote government power at the expense of individual liberty. That is not the ideal that launched this great nation.