When President Obama first took office, I appreciated and supported his calls for bipartisanship. Unfortunately, these calls are being overshadowed by his support for a divisive agenda that is out of touch with mainstream America.

Where the economy is concerned, the president and his administration have followed one formula: borrow, spend and tax. They believe that bigger government and more taxes will help grow our economy. Most Americans do not.

The response to the president’s economic plan has been a series of protests – the ‘tea parties’ – that took place in cities all across the country, including my state of Oklahoma. Rather than listen, however, to the voices of those who oppose irresponsible spending and damaging tax hikes, this administration continues to belittle its opponents and label them as radical and unconstructive.

On a whole series of issues, this administration has been painfully out of touch. In the last 100 days it has promoted policies that will increase the number of abortions. It has been overtly hostile to gun owners. It has proposed slashing key military programs. The list goes on.

Even after all these radical changes, the White House seems genuinely confused by the idea that well intentioned, patriotic Americans might oppose its policy agenda. Personifying this mindset is President Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, who went so far as to issue a report labeling opponents of the president’s policies – veterans, pro life advocates and gun owners, to name a few – as “right wing extremists,” to be regarded as possible terrorist threats.

In a country where the majority of Americans support restrictions on abortion and gun ownership is considered a constitutional right, it seems strange the White House views being prolife or pro-gun as ‘extreme,’ much less dangerous. However, that seems to be what this administration genuinely believes.

The White House has spent its first 100 days being out of step with the men and women I represent in Congress. Moving forward, the president needs to get out of the Washington bubble and listen to people from all across the country. If President Obama wants to move this nation in the right direction, he would do well to refocus his policies on the issues and values most Americans hold dear.