While my Tax Day for me is no different from years past, for millions of working families today is different.

For the first time in years, we have a President fighting for us, committed to the idea that the primary function of our tax system should not be to redistribute wealth up, but to empower middle and working class people.

Yet, despite all the progress, it seems conservatives just can’t stand it.  Fox News is hyping “tea parties” paid for by corporate lobby shops, while Ari Fleisher, W’s has-been flack, attempted to get in the spotlight again by complaining about a tax system is “getting out of hand.”

As I happily sip my decaf chai tea this afternoon (thanks tea baggers!), I am welcoming progress with open arms, along with the majority of the country.  President Obama’s budget is a vital step toward restoring fairness in our tax code.

As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, I am eager to work with my colleagues to make the tax code fair, closing loopholes for the highest income corporations and individuals, incentivizing businesses that will lead to jobs in new and innovative industries, and enacting tax cuts for working families.  I hope baggers everywhere will put down their English Breakfast, their Earl Grey, their Oolong and Herbal Tea, and join me.