Enough is enough!

That is the message that the American people are sending to our elected officials today.  Whether they serve in Washington, a state capital or in local government, the people are fed up with the ongoing attempt to redistribute wealth and control our lives.

We currently face the most dangerous threat to our economic freedom in generations. The very fabric of our lives -– from the amount of money government takes through taxes and fees, to the way our businesses are run, to the way we use energy, to the way our health care is handled, to the way our children are educated, to the way the government impacts the basic personal decisions we make -– hangs in the balance.

Unfortunately we face a President and Congress determined to make government bigger, stronger, and more dominant. They really believe that government knows best.

The tea parties occurring throughout the nation are evidence that Americans have had enough. When they embraced the change promised by a new President, they never imagined it would result in government control of their lives and businesses.

Perhaps our elected officials should remember Thomas Jefferson’s cautionary words: "Were we directed from Washington when to sow and when to reap, we should soon want bread."