On Tuesday, March 24, 2009, I introduced the Child Care Facilities Financing Act of 2009. This legislation would provide a dedicated source of capital for early childhood care and education programs in our nation.

President Obama has stressed the importance of education, including early education, as one of the most important opportunities we can give to our children. Laying the groundwork early helps children succeed later in school.  While the federal government, in conjunction with state and local efforts, has invested large amounts in programs such as Child Care and Development Block Grants (CCDBG), Head Start and Early Head Start, there has been a lack of consistent funding and organized infrastructure. The Child Care Facilities Financing Act of 2009 would address the shortfall in quality child care facilities and further increase the support we can give to child care providers.

Early care and education has a profound impact on the development of our nation’s youth. By allowing the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award competitive grants to experienced non-profit community development organizations, my bill would help providers develop well-designed and appropriately-located facilities that will foster an environment of productive play and staff dedication.