What to Add:

  • Simply, the stimulus should lower taxes and provide more relief for small businesses. The economic crisis is obviously taking a heavy toll. The government will respond, but it must do so responsibly.

  • Lower taxes will empower American families to keep more of what they earn and to help themselves.

  • With a lighter tax burden the American entrepreneurial spirit will rise to the occasion.

  • Small businesses, the real economic engine of our country need more help than they are getting under the proposed package.

  • Small businesses create the most jobs and makes up the bulk of U.S. companies, but they get less than 3% of the benefits under the proposed stimulus.

  • There should be more focus on small businesses to create and save jobs.

What to Remove:

  • Except for tax relief, small business provisions and targeted infrastructure spending, everything else should go. As our parents wisely taught us, there is no free money. Congress and the new Administration must exercise discipline.

  • It is my duty to ask these difficult questions, and we can not afford to make hasty spending decisions that will only force future tax increases upon hard working Americans. It is not too late for Congress and the new Administration to consider all ideas and work together to right our economy.