Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives scored a big victory for the people of Israel. My resolution, H.Res 951, had the overwhelming support of over 260 bipartisan cosponsors and passed the House floor with a vote of 404-1. This resolution condemns the ongoing Hamas orchestrated terrorist attacks on Israeli civilian communities.

H. Res 951 calls for President Bush to direct the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations to introduce a resolution within the UN Security Council condemning Palestinian Rocket attacks against innocent Israel civilians. It also asks that U.S. allies in the Middle East officially and publicly condemn these attacks and other terrorist actions against Israel.

I am pleased that Congress stood up for the people of Israel by sending a message to terrorists, and those countries that aid them. Rocket attacks and intentional violence against innocent civilians will not be tolerated. Israeli communities like Sderot and Ashkelon have sustained egregious damages, and citizens have suffered from serious injuries and even fatalities. Often times Palestinians who do not support violence are victims of the crossfire. It is time that the brutality comes to an end.

Passing this resolution is a stepping stone to helping end the aggressive acts of Palestinian terrorist and ensuring innocent civilians in Israel live together peacefully. Violent Palestinian groups and terrorist organizations must be held accountable for their horrific acts. Organizations like Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), need to understand that when they attack the people of Israel, the United States and other countries will not remain silent. Unjust actions must not go unpunished.

Rest assured that I will continue to ensure that Islamic radicals are held responsible for launching these attacks, and that countries like Iran, Egypt, and Syria, which support terrorists, are also held accountable. Too many countries foster violence and thereby hinder the peace process in the region. I will continue this fight until the global community joins the U.S in condemning terrorism and its violent acts.