Stimulus Plan Should Not Include New Taxes (Sen. John Ensign)

A strategic boost would go a long way toward ensuring economic growth. The final plan should not include any new tax increases, and I’m hopeful that we can work together to achieve this goal. When putting the economic stimulus package together, we also need to consider our long-term priorities because a quick short-term fix is not a comprehensive solution.

I have heard proposals for more hand-outs to state bureaucracies in the name of creating economic growth. Simply put, that’s an inefficient and ineffective answer that would move us in the wrong direction.

Tax uncertainty, whether in the budget of a small business owner or a middle income family, hinders growth, planning and security. Unless Congress acts, millions of Americans, including about 150,000 small businesses in Nevada, will face automatic tax increases in just a few years. Permanent tax relief would provide the confidence our economy needs to grow and prosper into the future.

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