I wholeheartedly congratulate my good friend Mike for his win in Iowa.  He is truly the best candidate for the job and the American people are seeing that.  I have fought for Mike from the beginning because I believe in him and know that he will unite our Country and take it in the new direction it craves.

Mike believes, like I do, that it's time for Americans to experience a reawakening of the conservative values that make our Country a land of opportunity and inspire hope and freedom around the world.   He is a true conservative.  During his tenure as Governor, he balanced the state budget, reduced welfare by nearly 50 percent and signed the first-ever, broad-based tax cut in 160 years, which amounted to a $90 million refund to taxpayers.  All told, he fought for passage of more than 90 tax cuts and left the State of Arkansas with a surplus of more than $800 million.

Iowa is just the first stop on a 50 state tour in this election, but I know that Mike will keep the momentum going, as he continues to demonstrate to the American people that he has the credentials to be the next leader of our great Nation.   I will continue to stand by him and support him every way I can.