I am supporting Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonChris Murphy’s profile rises with gun tragedies DNC, RNC step up cyber protections Gun proposal picks up GOP support MORE for President of the United States because, simply put, she is the best qualified for the job. She has been consistent in her support of issues that are important to my constituency and is not afraid to take a stand on an issue, be it popular or unpopular.

I have known her since 1992, when she came to Cleveland after the Democratic Convention. Since then we have forged a strong friendship and I fondly call her my 'sista'. Additionally, we have worked together extensively in Congress on various pieces of legislation. She has been a champion of voting rights and I am pleased to have been able to introduce the Count Every Vote Act with her for the past two Congresses.

Much like the election of Nancy Pelosi to the position of Speaker of the House, the election of Hillary as the first woman president of the United States is extremely exciting. Her election to the presidency will be not only historic, but will be an inspiration to all people, particularly our daughters of what they can become.

I told her more than a year before she announced her candidacy that I was with her if she chose to run. I remain just as committed today as I was that day in Cleveland, and I will be with her all the way!!!