I ran for Congress last year after 31 years in the military, not—as many might assume—for Iraq; rather it was because of what this nation gave to my family.

During the last year of my military service, my four-year old daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. My daughter is here today because of the wonderful military health plan I received from the federal government. The first day in the pediatric cancer ward, there was a young boy diagnosed with acute leukemia. My wife and I could not help but listen as the parents of that child sat with social workers for six hours who came and went, to see if that young boy would be given the same opportunity as an American citizen that my daughter had.

This bill is for our children and America’s future. Every young child in America should have the opportunity my daughter did and become a healthy productive citizen that will make contributions to our nation. However we cover our children, this must be done, and I will continue to fight for the bill’s passage, because I owe this nation for the opportunity it gave to my daughter.