There is a widespread perception that the current manner in which we fund veterans’ health care is broken, and must be fixed.  At the hearing, we began the discussion on how best to fund the VA of the future.  We cannot debate VA funding in a vacuum – whether the VA is funded by discretionary dollars or by mandatory spending has long-term implications regarding our fiscal ability to fund veterans’ health care in the future.  While we may be divided on where we stand on the war, this nation must be united in seeing that every veteran is welcomed back with all the compassion this grateful nation can bestow.  Veterans from the current conflict are returning home and seeking care at VA medical centers, at the same time that the VA expects the enrollment of veterans from past conflicts to increase.  A steady and sufficient stream of resources must be available to the VA in order to provide care for all of our nation’s veterans.  Supporting our veterans is a mandate – not a slogan.