Last week I sent a letter to President Bush asking him not to remove our Guardsmen from their post along the border unless and until an equivalent number of Border Patrol Agents are able to replace them.

In 2006 the President put forth an initiative and Congress passed funding for additional agents to be trained and placed along the border.  Since then our Guardsmen have provided the additional manpower needed.  My concern is that these Guardsmen will leave before we have a sufficient number of new agents prepared to take over.

As I travel my district it is apparent from comments I hear that my constituents feel their government has failed them when it comes to maintaining a secure border.  Frankly, I understand and share their concerns.  It is imperative that as we transition the work back to newly trained Border Patrol Agents we do so in a manner that ensures our national security.  I look forward to the President’s response and to working with him and his Administration to secure our borders first and foremost.