It is disheartening that the Farm Bill, which once garnered bipartisan support, was tarnished by political gimmicks. We were promised no tax hikes, but that promise was ignored at the 11th hour without a hearing and a chance to present the tax hike's effect. Now we are looking at broken tax treaties with over 50 countries whose companies were courted by cities and states to build plants and create jobs in the United States, though proponents claim this only affects foreign countries. It affects American jobs and the American economy even before the likely retaliation by the countries with whom this bill breaks our treaties. After all that, 66 cents of every Farm Bill dollar is not even going to help farming or agriculture but is going to government entitlement / welfare programs. I could not vote for a bill that jeopardizes over 341,000 Texas jobs, 5.1 million American jobs, bloats the federal bureaucracy and hurts the overall American economy. A choice between voting for the Farm Bill and voting to save American workers is not much of a choice. I want to vote for a Farm Bill but not one that gives away the farm.