One of the things I am most proud of was the bipartisan reauthorization of the National Institutes of Health in the last Congress. NIH is the stellar institution for health care research in this country, and this was the first time it had been reauthorized in more than 13 years.

I promised the stakeholder community then that I would support increased funding for NIH this year, too. Unfortunately, the NIH increase is only to be 1.6 percent. I wish it were more, but the least we can do is make sure that all of that money actually goes to the NIH.

Sadly, a lot of the increase is going to be immediately siphoned off through a 'tap' that will take about $600 million out of NIH. My amendment would keep that $600 million in the NIH. If we're are going to increase the NIH, even by a small amount, I am for it. But let's keep the money where it belongs, in the National Institutes of Health.