Today, Tuesday July 10, 2007 marked another sad milestone for the Bush Administration’s failed policies in Iraq. Six months ago the President ignored repeated calls from the American people and the Democratic-led Congress for a new direction in Iraq, choosing instead to continue his go-it-alone, stay-the-course policies for this disastrous war.

Following months of escalating violence, growing anti-American sentiment abroad, and deteriorating political leadership from the Iraqi government, the President made the misguided decision to escalate the war in Iraq. Erroneously terming this plan as a “new

Six months later the downward spiral in Iraq continues with no end in sight. The President’s escalation strategy hasn’t been a silver bullet; rather it’s yielded more tragic results for the American people. This ill-conceived war has cost our country too much, exacting the highest tolls on our brave troops and their families. Despite month after month of devastating casualties and mounting costs, the Bush Administration and its allies on Capitol Hill have continued to resist Democratic efforts to bring change and accountability to our Iraq policies. Today, the Bush Administration’s repeated calls for patience for its stay-the-course strategy ring especially hollow. It is long past time for a new direction in Iraq.

As we observe this sad milestone today, I hope that more of my colleagues will hear the American people’s call for change and join me in opposing the President’s stubborn insistence on maintaining the status quo in Iraq.