I would like to thank Britain, the Czech Republic, and Sweden for siding with the oppressed Cuban people and openly objecting to normalization with the regime in Havana without first demanding return democratic reforms and freedom for the Cuban people.

It is incredibly cruel to the long suffering people of Cuba that the EU would decide to normalize relations with Havana when the regime continues to oppress, torture, condemn, brutalize and kill anyone who dares oppose them.

That is why today’s decision is so important because it tells Cuba that it does not possess a blank check to continue denying the Cuban people even the most basic of human rights and then believe there will be no consequences.

I commend the governments of Britain, the Czech Republic and Sweden for their leadership and commitment to human rights and for standing up against efforts to sacrifice the freedom of the Cuban people for political expediency. The hundreds of political prisoners languishing in Castro’s jails; the peaceful dissident movement; and the thousands who have lost family, friends and relatives under the despised Castro regime have earned our support and our allegiance.