So many veterans in the Second District of Kansas have told me that the state of veterans' benefits is unacceptable. They tell me that, from rural access issues to 400,000 veterans waiting in line for disability benefits, what's going on today is just wrong, and they've launched a rallying cry for reform. Congress needs to listen. We need to take care of the veterans who had the guts, the courage, and the work ethic to serve this country. We must not cripple the Veterans Administration and leave it so underfunded and so weak that it cannot serve the new generation of veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

This week Congress is considering an unprecedented, $6.7 billion increase in funding for the VA. After we pass this historic veterans' appropriations bill, our next item of business will be to ensure that the money is well spent. We must conduct the oversight needed to ensure that these funds make a day-to-day difference in veterans' lives.