When the American people voted in November, they signaled that they wanted a more transparent and accountable government. They are tired of backroom deals in smoky rooms deciding where and when to spend their taxpayer dollars. But instead, they get more of the same.

Despite what liberal Democrats think, hiding earmarks from the American public and free press is not transparent government. Creating a "slush fund" to fund billions of dollars in pork projects is not what the American people voted for, and when they find out about it, they should be outraged.

Under the Democrats' rules, Members are barred from challenging individual earmarks in bills on the House floor. The press won't know which earmarks are in and out until they are inserted during conference committee. The American people won't know where their money is going until its too late.

This is sneaky, underhanded and wrong.

We are committed to shining a light on this abuse of power through the press and will fight it on the floor of the House.