We applaud the president's actions in imposing sanctions that are specific in their intent to free the Sudanese people from the horror and atrocities they are subjected to daily.  I personally find it morally opprobrious, that liberal groups such as the Congressional Black Caucus and NAACP saw fit to castigate the president as being singularly responsible for the ineptness of Mayor Ray Nagin and Gov. Kathleen Blanco in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina -- yet in their pietistic capacity as the self-righteous arbiters of what is in the best interest of Blacks and African Americans they ignore the pleas for help from such a desperate and downtrodden people.

I would further be remiss, if to not suggest that perhaps when Julian Bond, Harry Belafonte, and Danny Glover finish caressing the back and shoulders of maniacal dictators like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro they too will find time to address the cries for mercy from Darfur.

Read Project 21's press release concerning the imposed sanctions against Sudan here.