Discussions regarding America’s health care system should be balanced, thoughtful and grounded in fact in order to help people really gauge what works and what needs to be improved. If past experience is any indication, Michael Moore’s brand of political activism is not designed to be fair and balanced.

PhRMA’s attention is focused on more important matters than Michael Moore’s latest publicity-seeking antics. While he appears to be focused on finding new ways to advance his political agenda, we are out on the ground making a real difference in communities by seeking to improve and expand health care coverage in America through the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA), an effort supported by pharmaceutical companies and more than 1,300 local, state and national partner groups like the American Academy of Family Physicians, United Way and the American Cancer Society. Already, nearly 4 million people have been helped by the PPA.

Not surprisingly, you won’t hear about the PPA from Michael Moore. America’s pharmaceutical research companies want – and the nation deserves -- a thoughtful discussion on how to best move forward addressing the important issue of health reform.