In 9 days we officially kick off the start of Hurricane season; not my favorite season, but nonetheless one that cannot be ignored. On Monday, my colleagues joined me in passing H. Res. 402, a resolution supporting National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 20-26.

The National Hurricane Center chose this week to remind Americans of the potential risks posed by hurricanes and to urge them to take action in preparing for the fast-approaching season. Also on Monday, I visited with NOAA scientists and toured two hurricane aircrafts used in storm research each year. I feel confident that our national weather experts are ready and I encourage you to get ready as well.

The devastating aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita is a chilling reminder of the serious threat we face each year. Hurricane season cannot be taken lightly and it is vital that we take the proper measures to prepare our families and secure our homes. For example, residents should have food and supplies to last at least three days after a storm.

I remain hopeful that our communities will be spared from the tragedy of a hurricane, but we must nonetheless be prepared to face the possibility of a storm or natural disaster striking our coastal regions.