I encourage Mr. Moore to visit the regime's many torture chambers and see for himself the daily horrors suffered at the hands of Castro's henchmen. I encourage him to ask for access to these facilities and he will quickly realize how his warm welcome will evaporate as the regime allows no one to film the atrocities committed in the name of a so-called Revolution that has turned Cuba into the second poorest country in our hemisphere after Haiti.

The truth in Castro's Cuba is not made for film and a capable director as Mr. Moore should clearly realize that he is being used to further the propaganda of a murderous dictatorial regime. Mr. Moore prides himself on being a defender of equal rights for all, but does he not know that in Cuba you have no rights whatsoever and that the all-powerful State decides everything about you and your family; down to how many eggs you may consume in a month's period.

The suffering of the Cuban people under the Castro regime is well documented. Why didn't this Hollywood director take advantage of the access he had been given and produce a documentary about what he saw? Does he not think that the dark five-decade plight of an entire nation is not worthy of his production skills? Or is it just that he knows the truth but chooses to look the other way because the main culprit is Castro?