Today, the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming convened for the first time to begin to address the serious question of how our national security is threatened by the global warming and our nation's dependence on foreign oil. This is first conversation in a continued dialogue that the committee will have to address how America's addiction to oil can hold us hostage to foreign countries, many of which are anti-American and anti-democracy.  Moreover, our oil addiction and oil consumption have contributed to where we are with global warming-a brewing storm, that if we do not address soon will have even a greater impact on our foreign policy and national security.

This crisis demands a focused and comprehensive answer.  It is an issue that requires a national and worldwide commitment for the long term.  Rather than looking abroad, I believe simple, viable alternative energy solutions can be found in our backyard, from the fuel cell manufacturers of Connecticut to wind fields in Texas to the ethanol producing corn fields in South Dakota.  By supporting this type of American innovation in renewable and alternative energy, we can grow the economy, protect the environment, and refocus our foreign policy and national security priorities.