Democrats in the Senate today introduced a bill that would that would strip away fundamental free speech and voting rights in the workplace where labor unions are attempting to organize. I strongly oppose this bill and will work to defeat it.

This proposal is a shameless attempt to rob workers of their most fundamental right – the right to a private ballot – in order to bolster declining union numbers. I want to assure working Americans across this country that I will work aggressively to defend their rights in the face of this Democrat assault on worker protections that have served them well for decades.

Despite its clever title, this bill eliminates the right of a worker to make a free choice in a private ballot box, and instead opens workers to pressure, intimidation and coercion by co-workers and labor union leaders. Majority rule, free speech, and the use of the ballot box to decide important issues are not principles that should be thrown away to satisfy special interest groups.

The misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act,