This week Congress will consider an Iraq Supplemental appropriations bill. Unfortunately, the Majority Party’s funding bill for Iraq is essentially defeat on the installment plan. Under the guise of timetables and benchmarks, their bill includes tripwires and entanglements along with the funding our troops need. It also includes billions in pork that have nothing to do with the war in Iraq, an attempt to attract more votes for an unpopular bill.

How can Congress convey our support for the troops in Iraq and at the same time pass a bill which pulls the rug out from underneath the very people we claim to support? Plain and simple, the Supplemental, as written by the Majority, is a blueprint for defeat. I understand the American people are war weary. People want our troops out of harm’s way, as do I. However, I do not believe that the American people want defeat. I know our troops don’t. That is why I will not vote for Speaker Pelosi’s Supplemental.

I will vote for a clean bill that reinforces our U.S. military, who are fighting and dying for the mission in Iraq, with the equipment and supplies that they need – no strings attached. We owe them that much.